I’m Jill Murphy. That’s me, to the left. Good by Design is my firm. I  do most of the work around here myself. Every now and again, I use the pronoun “we.” Sometimes “we” refers to me and Lucy the dog. She’s very good with tech startups. More often, I’m talking about partners and allied colleagues. I believe in small teams designed around client strengths and project needs. I rely on long term relationships with like-minded professionals. I assemble the best team for the work. That’s the beauty of the new economy, the right talent deployed in the right way leads to the best results.

My business model emphasizes flexibility and responsiveness. It’s also how I keep costs down. My clients are paying for my expertise not Italian suits – or shoes (I’m more of a TOMS woman) and fancy offices. I work out of  NextSpace Los Angeles, a FANTASTIC company and community.

As you can tell, my approach is casual. I think professionalism is demonstrated by mastery of expertise not by superficial markers like titles. I like being behind the scenes, moving good into the world in relationship with others. I believe in excellence, bringing the highest level of care and competence to my work.

I have 20+ years of management experience in nonprofits and small businesses (I started young, managing a great little restaurant called the Jammin Salmon.) I’ve run big organizations and been a solopreneur. In 2007, I started a consulting practice called Authentic (now Good by Design). I went back to school and got an MA in Theology.  I also launched a big research project into the impact of Facebook on relationships. I started blogging about my life experiences, social media, relationships, and good work. I picked up knitting again. Now, I’m bringing all of those strands together into Good by Design. My business and my life are about  supporting great people with big ideas for making the world better. If you want to talk about any of that or you want to hire me, here’s how to find me:

Email is jill (at) goodbydesigngroup (dot) com

Phone is 310-488-7340

Twitter is @murphyjillk

Mail is 9415 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

Thanks for being here!